Clinical Evaluation | Assessment and Screening

  • Objectives: • Explore the transdiagnostic factors that contribute to anxiety • Discuss transtheoretical interventions to address anxiety • Explain the relationship between sleep disturbance and anxiety  • Describe how alcohol disrupts sleep  • Review why anxiety is considered another stage of grief  • Develop an understanding of empty nest transitions  • Learn about the modulatory role of dopamine in anxiety-like behavior 
    $36.00 for 90 days
  • Objectives: • Review an addiction case study using the PACER Method
    $12.00 for 90 days
  • Objectives: - Review a case study using the transdiagnostic, transtheoretical PACER approach - As they say on Law and Order… - The following story is fictional and does not depict any actual person or event.” Case - Tom is a 36 year old male and has been struggling with depression on and off for years, but the past 2 months it has gotten intolerable.  He recently lost 85 pounds to try to help get his diabetes under control and improve his sleep apnea and blood pressure. He was thrilled with his weight loss progress, but he hit a plateau and feels like he is going backwards.
    $30.00 for 90 days
  • Based on Counselor Toolbox Episode 184 Differential Diagnosis and the Framing Bias
    $12.00 for 90 days
  • Based on Counselor Toolbox Episode 185 Effective Assessment of Co-Occurring Issues
    $12.00 for 90 days
  • Objectives: Identify the common physical, cognitive, interpersonal and environmental causes of mood disorders. Describe the impact of these causes on neurotransmitters and the HPA-Axis Develop treatment interventions that address the whole person, not just a single cause of a single symptom.
    $12.00 for 90 days
  • Objectives: • Define the PACER model • Explore how PACER dimensions interact • Examine the transdiagnostic assessment process
    $18.00 for 90 days
  • Based in part on Counselor Toolbox episode 232
    $12.00 for 90 days

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