Substance Abuse Treatment and Domestic Violence TIP25- 4 Hours

Contact Hours: 4

Instructor: Dr. Dawn-Elise Snipes, PhD LPC-MHSP

Course Objectives

  • Define domestic violence.
  • Describe the connections between substance abuse and domestic violence.
  • Describe how substance abuse affects treatment effectiveness.
  • Define the components of holistic treatment.
  • Describe effective methods of screening survivors.
  • Identify components of crisis intervention.
  • Describe treatment planning for the survivor.
  • List actions to include in a safety plan to prepare for and prevent a domestic violence attack.
  • List actions to take during a domestic violence attack.
  • List safety actions to teach children.
  • Describe laws and legal resources that can help victims of abuse.
  • Describe psychosocial issues associated with substance use and domestic violence.
  • Describe the connection between child abuse or neglect and domestic violence.
  • Identify local, state and federal laws; laws regarding disclosure and consent; and legal obligations the provider has regarding reporting abuse.
  • Describe ways to support and plan treatment for batterers.
  • Identify components of The Violence Against Women Act.
  • List legal resources available to victims, batterers and professionals regarding domestic violence.
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