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  • 01/02/2019 LIVE Mind & Body: The Importance of Gut Health for Mental Health
  • 01/03/2019 LIVE Neurotransmitters and Your Mood: Serotonin
  • 01/08/2019 LIVE Neurotransmitters and Your Mood: Dopamine
  • 01/10/2019 LIVE Neurotransmitters and Your Mood: Norepinepherine
  • 01/15/2019 LIVE Neurotransmitters and Your Mood: GABA & Glutamate
  • 01/17/2019 Class Rescheduled for MONDAY 1/21/2019
  • 01/21/2019 LIVE  Depression, Anger and Anxiety: Understanding the Connection
  • 01/22/2019 LIVE Estrogen, Testosterone, Progesterone and Oxytocin and Mood
  • 01/24/2019 LIVE Gamification in Counseling (and Education)
  • 01/29/2019 LIVE Family Therapy Approaches Psychodynamic
  • 01/31/2019 LIVE Family Therapy Approaches Experiential/Humanistic
  • 02/05/2019 LIVE Family Therapy Approaches: Extended Family Systems Theory
  • 02/07/2019 LIVE Family Systems Approaches: Structural Family Therapy
  • 02/12/2019 LIVE Family Systems Approaches: Strategic Family Therapy
  • 02/14/2019 LIVE Career Counseling: A Review of Theories
  • 02/19/2019 LIVE Person Centered Theory of Personality and Behavior
  • 02/21/2019 LIVE Ethics Counseling Skill Development, Self-Care and Ongoing Supervision
  • 02/26/2019 LIVE Counseling Clients Who Self-Harm
  • 02/28/2019 LIVE Psychosocial Impact of Trauma
  • 03/28/2019 LIVE Neurobiological Impact of Trauma
  • 03/05/2019 LIVE Complicated Grief and Attachment Theory
  • 03/07/2019 LIVE Trauma, Grief and Personality Disordered Symptoms
  • 03/12/2019 LIVE Enhancing Trauma Resiliency
  • 03/14/2019 LIVE Breaking the Cycle: Free Yourself from Sex Addiction, Porn Obsession
  • 03/19/2019 LIVE Love You, Hate the Porn
  • 03/21/2019 LIVE The Porn Trap
  • 03/26/2019 LIVE Mindfulness and Acceptance of Addictive Behaviors | Applying Contextual CBT
  • 03/28/2019 LIVE Treating Patients with Addictions and Cluster B Personality Symptoms

Webinars can be used for CEs (Continuing education) for LPCs, LMHCs, LMFTs, LCSWs or addictions counselors AND/OR toward Addiction Counselor precertification training in most states.

If there are specific interventions or issues you wish to have covered, please feel free to send your request to

Podcast CEU Crosswalk

Previous Webinars which have been converted to on-demand classes with video

001- Understanding Codependency and the Recovery ProcessBuy Now
002- Sex Addiction OverviewBuy Now
003- Food Addiction and Eating IssuesBuy Now
004- Understanding Triggers and Craving in Addictive BehaviorsBuy Now
005- Relapse Prevention for Co-Occurring Mental Health and Addictive DisordersBuy Now
006- Medication Assisted Treatment for Opiates and AlcoholBuy Now
007- Introduction to Neurochemicals: Your Mood and Motivation SystemBuy Now
008- Mental Health Medications: Antidepressants, Mood Stabilizers, and AntipsychoticsBuy Now
009- Pharmacology of Stimulants, Depressants and HallucinogensBuy Now
010- Pharmacology of Designer DrugsBuy Now
011- Triggers And CravingsBuy Now
015- Exploring Addiction and Criminal BehaviorBuy Now
018- Relapse Prevention with the Addicted OffenderBuy Now
019- Risk Factors for the Development of Co-Occurring Addiction and Mental Health IssuesBuy Now
020- Protective Factors for the Development of Co-Occurring Addiction and Mental Health IssuesBuy Now
021- Impact of Mental Health and or Addictions on the IndividualBuy Now
022- Impact of Mental Health and,or Addictions on the Family and CommunityBuy Now
023- Internet And Gaming AddictionBuy Now
024- Interplay Between Addiction And Mental HealthBuy Now
025- Thinking ErrorsBuy Now
026- Using a Strengths-Based Biopsychosocial Approach to Addressing AnxietyBuy Now
027-Using a Strengths Based BioPsychoSocial Approach to Treating PanicBuy Now
028-A Strengths Based BioPsychoSocial Approach To DepressionBuy Now
029-A Strengths Based BioPsychoSocial Approach To BipolarBuy Now
030-A Strengths Based BioPsychoSocial Approach To PTSDBuy Now
031- Using a Strengths-Based Biopsychosocial Approach to Addressing Addictions and Personality DisordersBuy Now
032- Using a Strengths-Based Biopsychosocial Approach to Recovery from Personality DisordersBuy Now
033- Using a Strengths-Based Biopsychosocial Approach to Addressing Antisocial Personality DisorderBuy Now
034- Career Exploration and Vocational Goal Setting for Persons in RecoveryBuy Now
035- Adrenal Fatigue and How it Impacts the Recovery ProcessBuy Now
036- Love Me Don’t Leave Me: Addressing Abandonment Issues in TherapyBuy Now
037- Dialectical Behavior Therapy Tools You Can Use With Any ClientBuy Now
038- Acceptance and Commitment Therapy SkillsBuy Now
039- Cognitive Behavioral Therapy SkillsBuy Now
040- Goal SettingBuy Now
041- Overview of PTSD and Cognitive Processing TherapyBuy Now
042- Relapse Prevention for CounselingBuy Now
043- Tip 35 Enhancing Motivation for ChangeBuy Now
044- Treating Chronic Pain In Person With Substance Use for LPC, LMHC, and Addiction Counseling CEUsBuy Now
045- Treating Complex Trauma In Children for LPC LMHC and Addiction CounselingBuy Now
047- Understanding DBT Therapy- Overview and Case Formulation for Counseling for LPC and LMHCBuy Now
048- VulnerabilitiesBuy Now
049- The Mind Body Connection – Part 1Buy Now
050- The Mind Body Connection – Part 2Buy Now
051- Happiness Isn’t Brain Surgery What is Differential DiagnosisBuy Now
052- Happiness Isn’t Brain Surgery Understanding AddictionBuy Now
053- Counseling TheoriesBuy Now
054 -Self EsteemBuy Now
055 -Adult Learning Theory and StylesBuy Now
056 -SNAP-T Using Temperament to Develop Effective, Individualized Relapse Prevention PlansBuy Now
057 -MindfulnessBuy Now
058 -Behavior Modification Basics Part 1Buy Now
059 -Behavior Modification Basics Part 2Buy Now
060 -Behavior Modification Part 3 Shaping and ChainingBuy Now
061 – Hardiness and ResilienceBuy Now
062 -Mindfulness and Relaxation for the FamilyBuy Now
063 -Multiple Dimensions of MotivationBuy Now
064 -Adjunct Therapies: Aromatherapy, Meditation, Guided ImageryBuy Now
065 -Compassion Focused TherapyBuy Now
066 -Emotion Efficacy TherapyBuy Now
067 -Anger Management Part 1Buy Now
068 -Anger Management Part 2Buy Now
069 -Helping Clients Deal with GriefBuy Now
070 -Relapse Prevention During the HolidaysBuy Now
071 -Emotional Eating: Making Peace with FoodBuy Now
072 -Bullying: Understanding the Dynamics to Create Better Intervention ProgramsBuy Now
073 -DBT Made SimpleBuy Now
074 -101 Mindfulness Exercises for Children and AdolescentsBuy Now
075 -Self Esteem BuildingBuy Now
076 -50 Mindful Steps to Improved Self-EsteemBuy Now
077 -Crisis Intervention and Promoting ResilienceBuy Now
078 -Conquering the Critical Inner VoiceBuy Now
079 – Assertiveness Skills: Help Clients Feel Heard and Improve CommunicationBuy Now
080 -Emotional EatingBuy Now
081 -Addressing Abandonment AnxietyBuy Now
082 -Relationship Skills and SaboteursBuy Now
083 -Relationship Skills 101 for Teens Using DBT to Deal with Intense EmotionsBuy Now
084 -Relationship Saboteurs and InterventionsBuy Now
085 -Child Development 101: The Infant StageBuy Now
086 -Child Development 101: The ToddlerBuy Now
087 -Ethics: Beneficence and Non-malfeasance in CounselingBuy Now
088 -Common Counseling Ethical Violations and PreventionBuy Now
089 -Child Development 101: The Elementary YearsBuy Now
090 -Relationship Skills: Tips to Improve RelationshipsBuy Now
091 -Child Development 101: The Middle School (Tween) YearsBuy Now
092 -Child Development 101: The High School YearsBuy Now
093 – Understanding Temperament in Recovery and Relationships: Extroverts and IntrovertsBuy Now
094 -Understanding Temperament in Recovery and Relationships: Sensing and iNtuitiveBuy Now
095 – Temperament: Thinking and FeelingBuy Now
096 -Temperament– Judging and PerceivingBuy Now
097 -Understanding the Mind-Body Connection: The Interaction Between Neurotransmitters, Thoughts & EmotionsBuy Now
098 -Differential Diagnosis: What Causes That SymptomBuy Now
099 -Preventing Vulnerabilities: How Sleep Impacts Mental HealthBuy Now
100 -Preventing Vulnerabilities: Eating to Support Mental HealthBuy Now
101 -Preventing Vulnerabilities: Pain ManagementBuy Now
102 -Motivation: What Is It & How to Keep ItBuy Now
103 -Goal Setting: Creating Realistic, Achievable GoalsBuy Now
104 -The ACT Matrix: What Every Counselor Should KnowBuy Now
105 -Cognitive Behavioral Therapy: Addressing Negative ThoughtsBuy Now
106 -Dialectical Behavior Therapy: Emotional RegulationBuy Now
107 -Dialectical Behavior Therapy Techniques Distress ToleranceBuy Now
108 -Dialectical Behavior Therapy- Interpersonal Effectiveness SkillsBuy Now
109 -Anger, Anxiety and Depression: Exploring the ConnectionBuy Now
110 -Assessment of Addiction and Mental Health IssuesBuy Now
111 -Addiction and Co-Occurring Disorders Part 2: Physiology of Addiction and Mental Health IssuesBuy Now
112 -The Neurobiological Impact of Psychological Trauma: The HPA-AxisBuy Now
113 -Medication Assisted Therapies: A Primer for Mental Health CliniciansBuy Now
114 -PTSD: Understanding the Functional Nature of SymptomsBuy Now
115 -Relapse Prevention for Addiction and Mental Health IssuesBuy Now
116 -Understanding Complex Trauma in Children and AdolescentsBuy Now
117 -Motivational EnhancementBuy Now
118 -Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders in Mental HealthBuy Now
120 -Trauma Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Part 1Buy Now
121 -Trauma Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Part 2Buy Now
122 -Dialectical Behavior Therapy Part 1 Understanding Dialectical TheoryBuy Now
123 -Dialectical Behavior Therapy Part 2 MindfulnessBuy Now
124 -Interpersonal EffectivenessBuy Now
125 -Using Dialectics to Reduce Emotional TurmoilBuy Now
126 -Problem Solving SkillsBuy Now
127 -Treating Opiate AddictionBuy Now
128 -Group Counseling 1-2Buy Now
129 -Group Counseling 3-5Buy Now
130 -Group Counseling 6-7Buy Now
131 -Group Counseling with Anger, Anxiety, Addiction and DepressionBuy Now
132 -Triggers and CravingsBuy Now
133 -Pharmacology of OpiatesBuy Now
134 Behavior Modification and Goal Setting: Avoiding Traps and PitfallsBuy Now
135 Cognitive Distortions – Understanding and Addressing ThemBuy Now
136 -Identifying and Addressing Irrational Thoughts to Reduce Anxiety and DepressionBuy Now
137 -Confidentiality, HIPAA and HITECH Overview Part 1Buy Now
138 -Confidentiality, HIPAA and HITECH Overview Part 2Buy Now
139 -Risk Management for Mental Health and Recovery ResidencesBuy Now
140 -Disaster Planning for Mental Health and Recovery ResidencesBuy Now
141 Technology Assisted Care SAMHSA TIP 60Buy Now
142 -Improving Cultural Competence SAMHSA TIP 59 Part 1 of 3Buy Now
143 -Improving Cultural Competence Part 2Buy Now
144 -Improving Cultural Competence Part 3 Understanding the Cultures of Addiction and RecoveryBuy Now
147 -Serotonin Syndrome Overview for Clinicians (Medical Error Prevention)Buy Now
148 Medical Error PreventionBuy Now
149 ACT What Every Counselor Should KnowBuy Now
150 Strengths Based Approach to AnxietyBuy Now
151 Strengths Based Approach to PTSDBuy Now
152 Strengths Based Approach to Addressing Addiction and Personality Disordered BehaviorsBuy Now
153 CNS Fatigue and Mental HealthBuy Now
154 Addressing Abandonment IssuesBuy Now
155  Helping Clients with Borderline ParentsBuy Now
156 Cognitive Processing Therapy OverviewBuy Now
157 PTSD Prevention in First RespondersBuy Now
158 Building ResilienceBuy Now
159 Seven Habits for Effective RecoveryBuy Now
160 Counseling Tools Acronyms and ActivitiesBuy Now
161 Acceptance ToolsBuy Now
163 Addressing Treatment NonCompliance and ResistanceBuy Now
164  Walking the Middle Path with Locus of Control and AttributionsBuy Now
165  Don’t Sh** on the Present: Addressing Anxiety and RegretBuy Now
166 Interpersonal  SkillsBuy Now
167 Developing Momentum in Therapeutic RelationshipsBuy Now
168 Behavior Modification: Universal ApplicationBuy Now
169  CBT Group Activities and InterventionsBuy Now
170  Many Facets of AngerBuy Now
171 Empowering Clients to Embrace SuccessBuy Now
172 Spiritual Steps to RecoveryBuy Now
174  Addressing ProcrastinationBuy Now
175 Models and Theories of Co-Occurring Disorders (2 Hours)Buy Now
176 Sociological Approach to Risk and Resilience (2 Hours)Buy Now
177 Systems ImpactBuy Now
178 Biopsychosocial Effects of Co-Occurring Disorders Part 1Buy Now
179 Biopsychosocial Effects of Co-Occurring Disorders Part 2Buy Now
180 Continuum of Co-Occurring DisordersBuy Now
181 Human Development and Mental Health Part 1 (2 Hours)Buy Now
182 Human Development & Mental Health Part 2 (2 Hours)Buy Now
183 NeuropsychobiologyBuy Now
184 Differential Diagnosis and the Framing BiasBuy Now
185 Effective Assessment of Co-Occurring IssuesBuy Now
186 Common Co-Occurring Issues Caused By Substance Abuse: Dementia and FASDBuy Now
187 Models of Treatment: Old and New Approaches (2 Hours)Buy Now
188 Role of the Family & Community in Prevention and TreatmentBuy Now
189 Using Research Effective Application of Multidisciplinary ResearchBuy Now
190 Communicating with the Cognitively ImpairedBuy Now
191 10 Common Errors in the Diagnosis of Mood Issues and PTSD | Addiction Counselor Training SeriesBuy Now
192 10 Ways to Use Patient Placement CriteriaBuy Now
193 8 Common Errors in the Diagnosis of Personality Disorders | LADC Training SeriesBuy Now
194 10 Issues in the Diagnosis of Addiction & Eating Disorders | Addiction Counselor SeriesBuy Now
195  10 Issues in he Diagnosis of Developmental and Neurocognitive DisordersBuy Now
196 10 Common Errors in Clinical SupervisionBuy Now
197 5 main Influences In SupervisionBuy Now
198 3 Stages of Supervisor and Supervisee DevelopmentBuy Now
199 12 Things Counselors Need to Learn in SupervisionBuy Now
200 Creative Methods for ObservationBuy Now
201 Providing Feedback, Addressing Anxiety and Overcoming Biases in SupervisionBuy Now
202 5 Elements of Motivational Interventions & 5 Principles of Motivational InterviewingBuy Now
203  10 Tips for Effective Motivational InterviewingBuy Now
204 9 Steps in Culturally Responsive Assessment and Treatment PlanningBuy Now
205 Culturally Responsive Counseling with Native Americans and Alaskan NativesBuy Now
206 Culturally Responsive Counseling with HispanicsBuy Now
207 Culturally Responsive Counseling with AsianBuy Now
209 Culturally Responsive Counseling with African AmericansBuy Now
210 8 Useful Brief InterventionsBuy Now
211 10 Techniques for Recovery Coaching and Relapse PreventionBuy Now
212 Principles of Crisis InterventionBuy Now
213 15 Principles of Client Centered CareBuy Now
214 Cultural Awareness LGBTQI2Buy Now
215 10 Risk Factors, Warning Signs and Points to Remember About SuicidalityBuy Now
216 Anger management 10 Session ProtocolBuy Now
218 Eating Disorders Assessment and Intervention Part 1Buy Now
219 Eating Disorders Assessment and Intervention Part 2Buy Now
220 Eating Disorders Assessment and Intervention Part 3Buy Now
220 Mental Health in Older AdultsBuy Now
221 Tip 26 Addictions and Gambling in Older AdultsBuy Now
222 Alzheimer's and DementiasBuy Now
Happiness HabitsBuy Now
223 Trauma Informed Care AssessmentBuy Now
224 Overview of Brief InterventionsBuy Now
225 Bipolar and Depression: Assessment and Addressing 10 Side Effects of MedicationsBuy Now
226 10 Unique Issues to Treating AdolescentsBuy Now
227 Trauma Informed Care–A sociocultural perspectiveBuy Now
228 Trauma Informed Care–Trauma AwarenessBuy Now
229 Trauma Informed Care the impact of traumaBuy Now
230 Trauma Informed Care Clinical IssuesBuy Now
231 15 strategies for the Prevention of Mental IllnessBuy Now
232 Substance Abuse Professional (SAP) CEU WorkshopBuy Now
233 Reducing Stigma and DiscriminationBuy Now
234 Legal Issues in Adult Mental HealthBuy Now
235 Suicidality Recognition and TreatmentBuy Now
236 Complicated GriefBuy Now
237 Clinical Issues in Outpatient TreatmentBuy Now
238 Addressing VulnerabilitiesBuy Now
239 Treating Depressive SymptomsBuy Now
240 CoDependencyBuy Now
241 Relapse Prevention BasicsBuy Now
242 Food Addiction and Binge EatingBuy Now
243  Overview of Sex & Pornography Addiction &InterventionsBuy Now
244 Mindful Steps to Self EsteemBuy Now
245 Neurobiology Understanding the Big 6 NeurotransmittersBuy Now
246 Helping Clients Deal with griefBuy Now
247 Teaching Assertiveness SkillsBuy Now
248 Using Adult Learning Theory to Improve Treatment Planning and ServicesBuy Now
249 Using a Strengths-Based Approach to Addressing AnxietyBuy Now
250 Using a Strengths-Based Approach to Addressing Panic DisorderBuy Now
251 Using a Strengths-Based Approach to Addressing DepressionBuy Now
252 Helping Families with Premature InfantsBuy Now
254 A Strengths Based Approach to Treating BipolarBuy Now
255 A Strengths Based Approach to Treating AddictionBuy Now
253 Postprtum DepressionBuy Now
256 Developing Social Justice and Culturally Responsive Care*Buy Now
257 Families in Recovery: Supporting the Patient Without Enabling*Buy Now
258 Student Mental Health: Hazing PreventionBuy Now
259 Addressing the Unique Needs of College Students*Buy Now
260 Best and Promising Practices in the Treatment of Anxiety Disorder*Buy Now
261 Addressing Transition Issues in High School and College Students*Buy Now
262  Understanding and Supporting Student Wellness*Buy Now
263 Animal Assisted Therapy Uses and BenefitsBuy Now
264 Treatment Planning and Interventions for ADHDBuy Now
265 Milestones of Child DevelopmentBuy Now
266 Early Child Development in a Social ContextBuy Now
267 Domestic ViolenceBuy Now
268 Child and Elder AbuseBuy Now
269 Child Mental HealthBuy Now
270 Review and Implications of Attachment TheoryBuy Now
271 Domestic violence and Elder AbuseBuy Now
272 Parenting SkillsBuy Now
273 Psychological Triage and First AidBuy Now
274 Domestic Violence and Mental HealthBuy Now
275 Recovery Oriented Systems of CareBuy Now
276 Treatment Planning CASSPBuy Now
277 Treatment Planning  MATRS and ASIBuy Now
278 Child and Adolescent DevelopmentBuy Now
279 Infant Toddler DevelopmentBuy Now
280 Infant Toddler Development and Multidisciplinary TeamsBuy Now
281 Infant Toddler Development Observation and AssessmentBuy Now
282 Emotional Individual and Group Activities for DepressionBuy Now
283 Cognitive Individual and Group Activities for DepressionBuy Now
284 Mental Health and Mental Illness Fundamentals Part 1Buy Now
285 Physical Individual and Group Activities for DepressionBuy Now
286 Social Individual and Group Activities for DepressionBuy Now
288 Spiritual Interventions for DepressionBuy Now
289 Environmental Interventions for DepressionBuy Now
290 Understanding the Mind-Body Connection | Journey to Recovery 2nd EditionBuy Now
291 Transtheoretical and Transdiagnostic Approaches  | Journey to Recovery 2nd EditionTBA
292 Individualizing Treatment for Temperament  | Journey to Recovery 2nd EditionBuy Now
293 Understanding Learning Styles to Improve Group and Individual Interventions  | Journey to Recovery 2nd EditionBuy Now
294 Teaching Clients How to Enhance Motivation  | Journey to Recovery 2nd EditionBuy Now
295 Teaching Clients to Set SMART Goals  | Journey to Recovery 2nd EditionBuy Now
296-303 Special Series: Counseling Persons with Co-Occurring Disorders SAMHSA TIP 42Buy Now
304 Behavior Modification  | Journey to Recovery 2nd EditionBuy Now
305 Relapse Prevention  | Journey to Recovery 2nd EditionBuy Now
306 The Biopsychosocial Aspect of Emotions  | Journey to Recovery 2nd EditionBuy Now
307 Emotion Regulation  | Journey to Recovery 2nd EditionBuy Now
308 Mindfulness  | Journey to Recovery 2nd EditionBuy Now
309 Nutrition  | Journey to Recovery 2nd EditionBuy Now
310 Light and Exercise  | Journey to Recovery 2nd EditionBuy Now
311 Sleep  | Journey to Recovery 2nd EditionBuy Now
312-314 Special Series Tobacco Treatment SpecialistBuy Now
315-318 Overview of Trauma informed Care and Organizational ReadinessBuy Now
319 Distress Tolerance Activities for Individual and Group | Journey to Recovery Second EditionBuy Now
320 Group and Individual Interventions for Anger and Anxiety  | Journey to Recovery 2nd EditionBuy Now
321 Group and Individual Interventions for Grief and Loss  | Journey to Recovery 2nd EditionBuy Now
322 Group and Individual Interventions for Guilt  | Journey to Recovery 2nd EditionBuy Now
323 Group and Individual Interventions for Depression  | Journey to Recovery 2nd EditionBuy Now
324 Overview of Coping Skills and Defense MechanismsBuy Now
325 Cognitive Behavioral Activities for Individual and Group WorkBuy Now
326 Stress Management Using Dialectics and Locus of ControlBuy Now
327  Acceptance and Commitment TherapyBuy Now
328  Recovering from Growing Up with an Addicted or Borderline ParentBuy Now
329 Addressing Co-Dependency and Abandonment FearsBuy Now
330 Developing Interpersonal Effectiveness (boundaries, assertiveness)Buy Now
331  Developing Interpersonal Effectiveness: Self-EsteemBuy Now
332 Developing Interpersonal Effectiveness (Saying No, Asking for help, 7-habits)Buy Now
333 Meditation Techniques in CounselingBuy Now
334Prevention for the Holidays:  Preventing Trauma and VulnerabilitiesBuy Now
 335 Spiritual Steps to Happiness: Part 1Buy Now
336 Acceptance and Commitment Therapy for TraumaBuy Now
337 Spiritual Steps to Happiness: Part 2Buy Now
338 30 Trauma Informed InterventionsBuy Now
339 Spiritual Steps to Happiness: Part 3Buy Now
340 Recovery Residences: What are they and what are the benefits?Buy Now
341 Spiritual Steps to Happiness: Part 4coming 12/15/2018
342 Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders 
343-347 Human Sexuality, Kink and Cultural Responsiveness 
348 Attachment Theory (Bowlby/Ainsworth) and It’s Impact on Mental Health 
349 Mind & Body: The Importance of Gut Health for Mental Health 
350-354 Neurotransmitters and Your Mood 
355 Estrogen, Testosterone, Progesterone and Oxytocin and Mood 


Face-to-Face Workshops

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5 days/ 35  CEs of  traditional classroom training for up to 75 employees at a time (That’s the equivalent of 2625 CEs) ….  $6500 covers 5 full days of presentations.  You can have one group come in the morning and another in the afternoon, or have half come Monday/Tuesday and half on Wednesday/Thursday, or any other combination that works for your agency.  We can even do an evening set of trainings for your night shift.  Additionally, you can advertise and invite people from other agencies, and charge a registration fee.  Your agency would keep all of the registration proceeds, which can help offset the cost of the training.  To arrange a workshop, send a support request with your name and contact number or email to, and Dr. Snipes will respond to you promptly.