gavelCriminal Justice Counselor Certificate Training

There are special skills for people who want to work with offenders with co-occurring disorders  in the criminal justice system.  We based our curriculum on the guidelines set by the state of Florida, which we found to be  the most directive/restrictive.
  • Courses are self-paced, but you can access instructors by email throughout the training program.  
  • Preview some of the training materials on our YouTube Channel
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Courses fall into the following categories

  • Dynamics of Addiction and Criminality
  • Legal and Ethical Issues
  • Criminal Justice System and Processes
  • Screening, Intake and Assessment
  • Case Management and Monitoring
  • Counselling
  • Addiction

Courses include:

  • Addiction Overview 4 Hours
  • Theories of Addiction and Co-Occurring Disorders 4 Hours
  • Patterns of Addiction and Sociological Impact 4 Hours
  • Triggers and Cravings 2 Hours
  • Relapse Prevention 10 Hours
  • Criminal Justice Behind Bars 15 Hours
  • TIP 50 Addressing Suicidal Thoughts and Behaviors in Substance Abuse Treatment (15 Hours)
  • TIP 51 Addiction Treatment and the Special Needs of Women (20 Hours)
  • Overview of Sex and Porn Addiction (4 Hours)
  • Ethics, Legal and Professional Identity 30 Hours
  • Mental Health Issues in Jails and Prisons (32 Hours)
  • Correctional Mental Health (16 Hours)
  • TIP 44: Addictions Treatment for Adults in the Criminal Justice System (30 Hours)
  • Treatment Plan Implementation 10 Hours
  • TIP 30 From Institution to Community Case Management, Referral and Service Coordination TIP 27 (20 Hours)
  • Counseling Addicted Offenders: Thinking for Change Best Practice (30 Hours)
  • Substance Abuse Group Counseling TIP 41 (20 Hours)
  • TIPs 46 & 47 Issues in Intensive Outpatient Treatment (30 Hours)
  • Documentation Overview 2 Hours

By signing up for this track, you will be able to study at your own pace.